Morgan Pope shot by Erik Umphery

Everyday I am able to wake up excited about how I’m going to growth my business and create new work, but at the same time I’m overwhelmed at times about where to being. Some days I may not find my focus until 6pm after steering at my mac for 5hrs, wasting time on social media, the internet or just doing busy admin work that is not really moving the needle for me. But once I lock in and focus I can crank out good work for 4 to 5 hours. Moving forward I want to work on breaking that cycle and as soon as I start my day I’m at the high level of laser focus. So here are some things I’m going to being implementing to achieve that:

  1. An accountability partner (I have a close friend who is also an enterpuenuer that struggles with finding that focus)
  2. Starting every morning with a run (it always brings me clarity, it almost therapeutic)
  3. Creating an list of the top 4 things I need to accomplish that next day every night before I end my work day in Evernote

With anything I will allow for flexibility, because I can only control what I can control and being flexible is a reality I must embrace.