Blockchain DAPP Review: FunFair:7.3 Online Casino Gaming Platform Based on Ethereum

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A. Introduction

FunFair is an online casino gaming platform based on Ethereum.


1) The team has rich experience in game development as well as certain resources.

2) The project offers well-developed infrastructure and rather good user experience.


1) There is fierce competition among gambling projects.

2) Ethereum is gradually losing its first-mover advantage in the market of DAPPs.

B. Mode

FunFair has launched a decentralized platform that allows users to play games with MetaMask on browsers supporting web3. It has launched its self-developed high-quality 3D game in accordance with the HTML5 and WebGL standard and also allows other operators to run their own casinos with licenses. FunFair has already launched a DEMO version with 12 minigames available. Players can play games after their MetaMask wallets are marked as approved ones. Meanwhile, the platform also guarantees a low cost with the Fate Channel technology. In addition, it has also paid much attention to the compliance issue and created the FunPass system to carry out the KYC procedure.

The platform has developed the FUN token, an ERC20 token, to circulate between players, game developers and casino operators. Players can deposit FUN tokens to play the games and win token rewards. Developers pay some tokens to launch their games and receive payment.

C. Technology

Random Number Generator (RNG) is one of the core segments for gambling games. In traditional blockchain gambling games, one random number will be generated and written into the block at every round, which can be slow and costly during network congestion.

To solve the problem, FunFair has developed Fate Channels. A Fate Channel will be created as a state channel during each gaming session, supporting real-time messaging between the FunFair clients and servers. During gaming, an amount of funds will be locked up. When the game ends, the Fate Channel will settle it on Ethereum’s blockchain. A random number is created in a fair manner during the process.

The RNG is created with smart contracts by combining the next client hash with the next hash from its Reverse Hash Chain. In theory, this can ensure the randomness of the results as the next hash is unpredictable, while smart contracts can guarantee that the whole process is fair, transparent and verifiable.

FunFair has provided some of its open-source codes on GitHub, with the smart contract of its core technology Fate Channel available on the chain. However, a hack attack suffered by Spankchain last year has caused doubts over the security of the source codes of Fate Channel. SpankChain is a blockchain-based ecosystem for the adult industry and has adopted a similar state channel technology. On October 6, 2018, a hack attacked the platform by using a smart contract bug of its Ledger Channel and stole 165.38 ETH (about $38,000).

D. Team

The co-founders of FunFair have rich experience in the gaming industry. They developed a 3D online poker website together. But the website is no longer in operation. The team also includes several lawyers as legal advisors regarding the compliance issue.

Jez San: Co-founder & CEO. He founded Argonaut Games in 1982, the earliest video game developer in Britain. Later, the company produced a number of video games, including Star Fox, Croc and Harry Potter. Jez is also one of the pioneers in the field of real-time 3D computer graphics. His first game StarGlider is also the one of the earliest 3D games. As an angel investor, Jez previously invested in an AI company DeepMind Technologies and a cryptocurrency exchange Kraken. The former was acquired by Google in 2014.

Jeremy Longley: Co-founder & CTO. Jeremy has 15+ years of experience in the management of technology teams. He established an online gaming website with Jez San in 2005 and served as CTO. PKR developed a series of 2D and 3D gambling games, including IOS, Android and HTML5 products.

Oliver Hopton: Co-founder & core developer. Oliver has 15+ years’ experience in gaming product development. He worked as software development manager at the online poker room of PKR, managing a variety of administration tools and integrations with third-party gaming content and providers. Oliver was also involved in technical compliance for gaming license applications in Guernsey, the UK, France, Italy and Denmark.

E. Operation

Telegram: 5,348 members with active discussions; Twitter: account opened in June 2017, with 707 tweets and 36,500 followers. (Data as of February 29, 2019) We can see that FunFair is one of the earliest gambling DAPPs. It has accumulated a considerable user base. The community is also active.

According to DappRadar, FunFair has about 20 daily active users and ranks 179 among all the DAPPs listed on the website. According to SimilarWeb, the monthly website traffic of FunFair surpasses 30,000, but this number is gradually reducing during the past six months.

F. Conclusion

FunFair is one of the earliest gambling DAPPs on Ethereum. Its Fate Channels can ensure a fair and secure gaming platform with blockchain technology. The founders have rich experience in the gaming industry and has partnered with well-known game developers. It has already launched available products and offers rather good user experience.

However, the market of DAPPs is also changing. With more high-performance public chains springing up in the market, for example, EOS and TRON, FunFair is losing its first-mover advantage in the blockchain gaming sector. Neither does it have many users. Nevertheless, further progress in technology innovation, gaming resources, industrial compliance and many other aspects is still worthy of attention. In the future, the platform can attract more good game developers to enrich the types of games and improve user experience.


Industry: 7

Applicability: 8

Popularity: 6

Total Score: 7.3

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