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A. Introduction

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a H5 game based on Loom Network for smartphones and PC. As a worker-placement RPG, players can gather and train historical heroes and obtain legendary extensions, in order to create an unrivaled team to conquer the Crypto World. There are three types of assets in the game: Heroes, extensions and Land.


Confirmation of ownership of blockchain game assets

The game is very interesting.


The game charges a lot.

Type: Game

Wallets: Metamask, tokenPocket, Trust Wallet, GO!WALLET, Coinbase Wallet, Quragé

B. Mode

MCH is composed of four sectors: namely team, quest, battle and market.

Team: In the interface of Team, players can check the heroes and extensions owned by themselves and organize their teams. All the heroes in the game are based on the historical ones from the real world and are presented in the form of pixel art. For example, there are figures like Oda Nobunaga, Napoléon I, Cao Cao and etc. Currently, those who register an account during the holding period will also receive a new hero“Yukichi Fukuzawa”, the character printed on the banknote of 10,000 Yen. For heroes, there can be different rarities, including Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. The status of each hero consists of four attributes — PHY (physical attack), INT (intelligence), AGI (agility) and HP (hit point). Each hero can also have different levels. As the level increases, the ability and maximum stamina of a hero will also grow. In addition, each hero also has a passive skill. The effects of most passive skills will depend on the status parameters of each hero. Players can also edit the image of heroes. All the images will then be uploaded to IPFS for management. Each hero can equip itself with two extensions to improve its abilities. One extension enables the hero to execute one active skill. Extensions are also divided into different levels. Players can organize 3 heroes in each team to create the strongest team.

Quest: Currently, there are 4 quests in the game, each of 6 different difficulty levels. Quests of different levels require different hero stamina. Stamina is restored at regular time intervals. Players can also use GUM (Game User Money) to purchase stamina. Players can take up to 50 quests per day. Each time they finish a quest successfully, they will receive random extensions and Crypto Energy as reward. The more difficult a quest is, the more likely a player will obtain rare extensions. Crypto Energy is similar to experience point in the traditional games.

Battles: Duels will be held regularly in the game. Only part of the heroes and extensions are allowed to be used in duels. Although all participants will receive rewards, players who have a higher ranking can obtain distinct ones. The whole system is similar to the ladder tournament in traditional online games.

Market: Although players will receive a small amount of free GUM every day, they can also purchase GUM with ETH in the market. With GUM, players can purchase heroes at the Shop. All heroes for sale are limited ones. The sales period and the number available for each hero will be displayed, and all heroes will be sold in a Dutch auction method. Besides, players can also trade heroes and extensions in the market. What’s more, players can also purchase Crypto Energy at Labs and sell extensions for GUM.

At present, My Crypto Heroes has not opened the Land sector mentioned above. Besides, as MCH has adopted the side-chain technology of Loom Network, players do not have to pay extra gas fee when playing the game.

C. Technology

MCH has published its smart contract address, but is not open-sourced.

D. Team

MCH is developed by, a Tokyo-based blockchain game company. There are 5 members listed on the official website, among which Hironobu Ueno is both the CEO and CTO of the company. According to an interview with BitcoinLab in July, he once worked in a famous Japanese financial research institution — Nomura Research Institute and participated in the construction of multiple financial systems. Later, he served as the CEO and technical researcher of a Japanese game company MobCast, and was responsible for the design and development of games. So, the team does have certain experience in game development.

E. Operation

According to the data on DappRadar, MCH is the most active dApp on Ethereum.

MCH launched its Beta version on September 25, 2018 and started the crowdfunding activity on November 30 by selling limited heroes. The number of users has been growing steadily, following a total of 498.25 ETH being raised. As of January 3, 2019, MCH has about 2,000 daily active users.

MCH opened the Japanese Twitter account in May 2018, with 1,482 tweets and 2,673 followers. The English account was opened in September 2018, with 319 tweets and 484 followers.

It also has 1,261 members on Discord.

For the time being, MCH has partnered with Etheremon, TokenPocket, TrustWallet, Go!Wallet, Qurage, WAX, OpenSea, PlayDapp, SpiderStore, DappRadar and Otaku Coin. During the pre-sale period, MCH released a limited collaboration hero with Etheremon, with only 100 for sale. The latter is the second popular game dApp on Ethereum. The other partners also cover a wide range, including wallets, Dapp media and blockchain game assets trading platform.

As an Ethereum-based game dApp, MCH is developing steadily and robustly. (Data as of January 4, 2019)

F. Conclusion

As a whole, MCH shows little innovation in how to play the game. Basically speaking, it simply continues to use the mode of traditional H5 RPG. The economic model is also similar to those traditional mobile games that require high money investment. The highlight is that by leveraging blockchain technology, MCH guarantees the confirmation of ownership of the game assets. In addition, it also ensures the rarity of heroes and extensions through technologies. If the team can continuously improve its graphics and playing method, it will certainly attract more traditional game players. At present, there is little space for users to play their roles, as the setting of the whole battle system is extremely oversimplified. The whole game is still in a Pay-To-Win state. Therefore, how to balance the sense of entertainment of and the investment of money in the game is also one of the cores when it comes to MCH’s future development.

Type: 8.5

Applicability: 7.5

Popularity: 9

Total Score: 8.3

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