Wireline Review: Decentralized Network And Registry For Serverless Cloud Computing

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A. Introduction

Wireline is a distributed network and registry for serverless cloud computing.

B. Industry

Serverless cloud computing is an industry trend in the future. It is just like to build a new abstract layer on top of the current cloud infrastructure. Wireline just provides functional interfaces. For developers, they no longer have to consider the operation and cost of virtual resources, such as the need of various servers, when creating applications. What they need to do is simply deploying the codes, making payment according to the operation duration and frequency and realizing FaaS. The biggest advantage is the reduction in cost. Under this architecture, Wireline enables applications to be assembled from different modules with a variety of APIs from independent developers. In terms of the development progress, Wireline started building the serverless architecture in 2008 and is still at a high-speed early stage, but for now the technology is still at the hand of the cloud service magnates like Amazon. Principally speaking, this technology is not hard to be realized. What causes problem is the break-in period when integrating it into practical works. We can simply divide the architecture into two layers. The lower level offers the infrastructure of the serverless architecture, while the upper level is a marketplace for the use of functional modules. The lower-level market is predicted to stay monopolized by tycoons such as Google and Amazon. However, the upper level may use blockchain to form a code hosting platform with incentive mechanism. Besides, leveraging blockchain technology, Wireline can trace the settlement of transactions more conveniently, acting as a distributed version of Github. (8/10)

C. Mode

Wireline has not published its whitepaper yet. With reference to its business plan, it seems that Wireline is dedicated to both the serverless infrastructure and an incentivized ledger network for codes. Meanwhile, it also provides functions such as the registration and verification of codes and a transaction market. On one hand, Wireline helps developers to operate codes at a low price. On the other hand, it helps institutions to lower the threshold for code value discovery and accelerate the whole process.

Token economic model: Wireline token primarily serves as a settlement tracing tool for the use of codes and is equipped with several mechanisms covering the functions of voting, mortgaging, mining and accumulating reputation. As for promotion, Wireline plans to establish an entity to raise funds and propel the development of the project. In addition, every quarter it will release 2.5% of the tokens to its stakeholders. (6/10)

D. Technology

For the time being, there is no open source code available. Although the team background shows its strong technical developing capability, there is no more information traceable. (4/10)

E. Team

Rich Burdon, founder of Wireline, was a team leader of Google Cloud (with 10 years of experience). He is also the founder of 2 database software start-ups. The team has 3 architects and 4 engineers all with over 15 years of experience. Other members have expertise in products, analytic services, mechanism design, strategy planning and etc. In all, there are 17 persons now. However, the team appears to lack experience in the field of blockchain. (7/10)

F. Ecosystem

Ecosystem: Twitter 5,423. The latest update was on May 1 and no further information is posted on its official website, which leads to the doubt whether this project is still running. (3/10)

G. Conclusion

To sum up, the industry of serverless computing will keep developing at a high speed and will be able to provide the basic support for FaaS. The mode of FaaS can help to skip the operation and cost of virtual resources when implementing the codes, leading to the low-cost operation of codes and better value discovery. This can be a perfect way to integrate with blockchain technology and may well form the potential infrastructure of the network architecture in the future. On this basis, Wireline also provides code verification and registration services as well as a marketplace. The concept and direction of this project is quite promising. However, the disadvantage is that the whole industry is still at an early stage and is controlled by the tycoons. Besides, practically speaking, it is rather hard to implement this project. On one hand, Wireline is faced with pressure from the moguls. On the other hand, it has to compete with its peer products, the other distributed Github-like projects. Judging from the current background of its team members, the credibility of successful implementation is low. The fact that its Twitter account has not been updated for a rather long time also makes the true progress more skeptical, so investors are recommended to be more cautious about this project.

Hype Score:Medium

Risk Score:Medium High

Expectation: Medium

Total Score: 5.5

All information in this article is provided for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

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