Global B2B Buyers

“Buyer” is a person who buys your products or services for something in return. They are considered as the most valuable resource for any business as the success of the business mainly depends on them. If a buyer purchase finished goods for resale then he will be called as merchandiser. A buyer who purchases raw materials for production is called as purchasing agent. When a buyer purchases goods from other countries, he will be called as importers. Buyers play a vital role in supply chain in the business market. A buyer’s most important role is to buy quality products or services for affordable cost. Negotiation is the essential skill that a buyer must have.

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A buyer must have thorough knowledge of suppliers. He must be aware of new suppliers and reputed suppliers in the market. They can get entire supplier list from 250 countries in They must send requisitions and get quotations from various suppliers in their industry and then he should select quality suppliers with affordable prices among all the quotations. The most important task is to negotiate for low cost and send purchase order to the right suppliers. Then he must do follow-up for the delivery of products in time.

In a supply chain, buyer plays a vital role. When a buyer actively participates in supply chain, the production cost will be lesser. They have an important role in inventory management. They should be aware of in-stock status and make purchase order accordingly. If a buyer does his part actively then supply chain will be strong.

Buyer has to know the current trends in global and local market. Buyers can gain plenty of information from the global database provided in b2b global marketplace and can get the complete list of buyers across the globe.