An Incomplete List of #SexismInCycling
Danielle Kosecki

Danielle: good article but you have missed a bunch more. I’m not talking about #maxxisbabes or the Specialised Playboy bike or even the weirdly naked looking skin suits. Those are obvious. But more subtle but practical sexism: always announcing the mens’ results first, or at the top of the page so you have to scroll right through t beyond the fancy dress category to see the womens’ results, as a last minute extra. Or making the women race early in the morning before anyone else has arrived to spectate. I flicked through over 200 pages of an MTB mag recently, not a single women, unless you count an offensive and unnecessary remark about a female celebrity…

We’ve got some great ambassadors now, and some establishments (Pinkbike, singletrackworld, Trek) have woken up to the benefits of equal profile for women.

However, most of the biking industry just needs to grow up. Selling women’s bib tights with pictures of topless women, naming bike parts after your nutz, choirboys, stiffee, handjob. Not to mention some of the comments you see about certain female riders. It feels like I’ve entered into a room with a lot of little spotty school boys having a dirty snigger. When will the sport leave adolescence? Haven’t we got a better image to which to aspire?

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