Problem or Vision?

Its is not so much solving a “problem” it could be presenting a “better” solution to the way things are done. The main problem with this approach is that you have a vision but not everyone can see it the way you do. Not everyone is a visionary. And if you are presenting the idea to possible investors is even worse, because most of them only look at profits and can not grasp some ideas. Steve jobs was able to come up with some wild ideas because he had the money to back them up. By advertising a product globally you can sell almost anything you come up with you can even doctrinate people into it. But for that you have to have a lot of money. I presented an idea in crowdfunding. It is so logical and simple it blows your mind. But not everyone could see it. Most will ask why. I had people in England, the States, Venezuela, Brasil and many other countries interested in the product, but the finished product. But I did not have anyone with the vision to back me up yet because I can not afford to advertise it to the “right” type of investors. For now it is on stand by. So you have to know what type of people you are talking to when looking for investment. You have to look for people with vision. At least people that might have the same vision you do. So, bottom line, is not about the product, it is always about the money