Fayette County, Iowa
Cody Weber

Honestly, I left Oelwein 14 years ago, after growing up and spending most of my first 47 years there. I left to chase a dream I had in Bend, Oregon….and quite frankly, found it living at the foothills of the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range….but….make no mistake….Oelwein provided me and our family with a mostly wonderful life. Our kids were save. The schools were good. Great and hard working people lived there….and I know continue to live there today. I saw an incredible spirit to rebuild a devastated community from the ravages of a horrific tornado in 1968….and the efforts to save a northeast Iowa community from a changing world made up of fewer farmers, disappearing manufacturing jobs and the closing of a major railroad employer…and more. Trust me. Fine people reside in Oelwein. Smart people working to make this community it’s very best give everything they’ve got every day. It’s true. There is only one Oelwein.

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