SugarCRM vs Salesforce: A Marketing Automation Comparison

Marketing Automation is on the rise. Features like lead nurturing, prospect profiling and comprehensive ROI reporting have become an integral part of most leading CRMs. With this in mind, we compare the marketing automation features of Sugar and Salesforce. However, we will only focus on the marketing automation functionalities provided by their respective vendors. Third party Marketing Automation services and integrations are a very interesting discussion for another day.

Lead Management

Although both Sugar and Salesforce let you quickly identify and track hottest leads from different campaigns out-of-the-box effectively, Salesforce takes it up a notch with Einstein. Einstein automates the lead scoring process by identifying the accounts most likely to convert based on factors such as relationship history and past purchases. Advertising Studio also enables marketers to uncover and advertise to new similar prospects by identifying audiences with matching profiles, based on online behaviors from existing CRM data.

Email Templates

Both Sugar and Salesforce let you create completely custom templates from scratch. Both come with a WYSIWYG editor for ease of use as well as an HTML editor for advanced users. You can also choose one or more email types when creating email templates depending upon the functions you intend the email to serve. These include automated email responses and tracker emails that show if an email was sent, opened and also what links the recipient clicked on.

Mass emails per day

Sugar and Salesforce let you quickly send targeted emails to groups of leads, contacts, and accounts while tracking engagement metrics. They also let you control the flow rate of outgoing campaign emails by letting you send them at designated intervals of time or in batches. You can easily view pending emails in a queue.

In Sugar, there’s no hard limit to the number of campaign emails you can send in a day but your email service provider may throttle the number of messages that can be sent over a given period of time. Salesforce however, only lets you send 500 emails per user at a time and 2000 in a day.

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