Why Startups must use a CRM?

Startups often consider Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to be essential for the success of medium or large size businesses but this isn’t true. CRM is equally important for startups as well, even before they go live.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the key benefits that Startups can achieve using a viable CRM:

1. CRM helps startups get organized

Startups often get confused when there is an inflow of data. Without CRM, they may overlook relevant information. Startups that have CRM have all their data organized and they can easily follow up with their customers as they can get a visual overview of the required data. Once startups become more organized, their sales and marketing department can operate in a more efficient manner.

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2. CRM makes finding Customers easy

CRM helps in finding customers and engaging with them. One strategy that startups can use is to integrate CRM with social media since the majority of potential customers are regular users of social media. Reaching out to potential customers can really provide a boost for startups. Once customers are found, most efforts should be geared towards delighting the customers by giving them exceptional service.

And what can be more helpful than a CRM in doing so? CRM helps provide the best customer experience possible

3. CRM Manages Contacts Well

Once the customers have been found, startups can now use CRM for managing them. In fact, CRM can be used to manage all the contacts that a startup may have. Contact fragmentation which is completely unproductive can be avoided by startups who use CRM. A single outlook about a contact can be created by taking into account everything important about them, using CRM.

Moreover a good CRM helps making every employee a customer relationship expert by streamlining the customer management process.

4. Administering of funding gets optimized

Startups often go through numerous cycles of funding and in order to continue operating, they need to manage their funds. The CRM system can be formulated to keep a track of all the opportunities related to funds coming in and going out the door.

In addition to this CRM has the capability to integrate with the best possible accounting platforms including Quickbooks and Xero. You can see the platforms that SugarCRM integrates with here.

Bottom Line:

Therefore, in its inception, a startup must start functioning in an efficient and streamlined manner. Why? Because startups specially can not afford to let clients walk away for better customer service. A CRM lets them find and retain existing customers, delight them and in the coming times achieve a competitive edge.

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