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I Started A Small Business at 15

As I mentioned in other stories, in 2015’s month of December, I had the deepest and most significant reflection of my life. In that month, I realized what I life meant to me, and what I wanted achieve during my lifetime.

The one central idea that struck my mind was that I don’t want my life to meaningless, insignificant, or ordinary. I held high hopes for myself, and I concluded that I want my life be extraordinary… anything, but ordinary.

So, the one thing i’m going to talk about today was the small online business I started.


Throughout 2015, I took pleasure in buying clothes from small independent or foreign brands. The reason being was that I preferred unique and tasteful styles, and mainstream retailers happened to not carry my type of style.

So, eventually, among others, I found this app called Etsy. On Etsy, people can sell aesthetic homemade crafts, or self-designed clothing. Basically, the possibilities were endless!

As I scrolled through different products and profiles, I realized how these persons were the same as you and me. Profiles read from, “mom of four,” to, “passionate college student trying to make extra money,” to, “just a 16 year old trying to make money.”

The latter was amazing! There were sellers that were my age or maybe a year or two older.

For one seller profile, I noticed that the seller was a 16 year old girl. Let me tell you, that amazed me! But that wasn’t all! In the shop description, she wrote about how the products sold are from her online clothing store. Then, it was followed by a link to her website.


Of course, I clicked the website, and to my amazement, the website was as beautifully constructed as huge retailers like Urban Outfitters or H&M.

This girl was obviously making money, and her life was the farthest from ordinary. With her shop’s prominence, she was able to amass a huge following on instagram; on instagram, she’d get paid even more for advertising products like fit tea.

That was just one example for how my entrepreneurship came to be. It was a combination of needing money, and wanting to do something.

So, I started my business.

I started off on an app called Depop. Then, after I perfected the art of taking well-shot pictures and writing eye-catching captions, I expanded to apps like Poshmark, LetGo, Ebay, and Thread Up.

On these apps, I sold my clothes and old gear that I never used anymore. Eventually, I made quite a lot of cash that my parents finally interfered. They were supportive, and they encouraged me to keep pursing it by asking me to sell their old stuff too.


For the first few months of starting my business, my parents didn’t exactly know what I was doing. Therefore, they never really helped me with anything other than taking me to USPS for shipping.

So, I self-trained involving how to: 1) take flattering pictures of products. 2)skillfully word descriptions. 3) price (because fees and shipping cots.) 4) package products. 5) Ship at the lowest costs for higher profits.

Overall, I think I did a fantastic job. For being a new seller at 15, I think I did exceptionally well in the whole grand scheme of things. For all my selling platforms, I’ve managed to attain a solid 5 star status.

Anyway, to this day, I’m still selling products that were owned by myself; however, soon, I want to branch out to buying clothes at thrift stores, and reselling them.

On depop, there are sellers who have thousands of followers and sales to match. They make their livings on this app, and they’re being bought from every single day! What do they do? They strategically buy clothes at thrift stores, and they resell them for profit.

After being in this game for a while, I know what sells on this app. If I replicated these other successful sellers, I’m sure I’d make it.

Anyway, that’s my story.

Thanks for reading.


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