Making a Rap Album in 30 Days Gave Me Gout
Matt Giovanisci

I have a long history with gout and can confirm that the combination of stress, a high diet high in meat protein, and probably not drinking nearly enough water or other unsweetened (non-alchoholic) liquids, very likely led to you attack. Here’s how to clear it up and how to stop it early if you feel another attack coming on. It doesn’t involve taking a long term preventative drug like allopurinol… which has it’s own issues.

The secret has been out for thousands of years. It is called colchicine. It should be taken, carefully, as needed. Take it along with naproxen (aleve) every 12 hours starting at the first sign of an attack. That typically being pain in a foot joint, most often the big toe.

Colchicine must be taken carefully, because taking too much will make you really sick… taking way too much can kill you. Read all about it on the Internet. The Wikipedia page is a good place to start. As for dosage, start small and never take more than 1 milligram in 12 hours unless a doctor OKs it. For me, starting with 1 milligram and then taking 1/2 milligram every 12 hours will keep the symptoms mild, and knock out the attack in no more than three days. Your mileage may vary.

For me, the long term key is staying well hydrated. That plus a diet low in “purines”, which is something you’ll want to look into if you find yourself having recurring attacks. Even with all that, I have to fight back with colchicine two or three times a year… usually due to poor hydration. The good news is that the attacks are never so bad that I can’t walk… and they are over in a couple of days. Hope this helps you.

IMPORTANT: I’m not a doctor. Every human is different. Research this yourself. You are responsible for your actions.

I live in Mexico where colchicine is dirt cheap and still available without a prescription. I’ve heard that these days it’s becoming harder to get a prescription for colchicine in the states. This may be due to misuse, leading to lawsuits… though that’s just a guess. In any case, all the best to you.

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