A Story of Innovation: Parisian Pioneer Behind Our Everyday Tech
Danielle Newnham

I loved this. Literally a few days ago I was wondering what Philippe Kahn has been up to. I got distracted before I could do a search.

As a very early adopter of Turbo Pascal, I became excited about what an improvement it was over any existing compiler. Philippe’s genius working with the genius of Anders Hejlsberg had created something amazing.

I was so excited that I decided there should be a book to guide programmers as they learned to use this amazing new tool. Given my complete lack of writing experience, it was a surprise when three publishers responded favorably to the five query letters I sent out. I had to go to a library to learn about publishers and query letters. I was clueless.

Osborne/McGraw Hill’s offer won me over. That worked out well. Their patient and knowledgeable editors guided me from rank novice, to author of something publishable, if not perfect. Over a half dozen years, five editions were published, each larger and a bit more polished than the one before. Used copies of Using Turbo Pascal are still sold on the Internet. Turbo Pascal is now used as a teaching language in several countries.

During that time, I met Philippe at a gathering of Turbo Pascal fans and fanatics. He kindly autographed a copy of version 4 which sits on my bookshelf today.

I haven’t written any more books, because all my time was taken up writing software in Turbo Pascal and later Delphi. As The Dead have been wont to say… “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” Your update on the amazing things Philippe has done, and is doing, is greatly appreciated.

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