Let’s light up the Internet
Jimmy Wales

I’m now spending several hours a day (as a retired guy, I have a lot more time than money) supporting the Bernie Sanders campaign online. I live in Mexico, otherwise I’d be handing out flyers and doing my best to educate the masses.

I love and support Wikipedia. I agree with pretty much everything Lawrence Lessig has done, especially in the area of getting money out of politics. I’m really confused about how you and Mr. Lessig have missed Mr. Sanders. Alternately, what do you know about Mr. Sanders that I don’t? Is there some reason his grass roots revolution can’t get done what you’re trying to do.

The revolution is building momentum much, much faster than anyone thought possible. Yet the organization is doing a great job of coping. What is the flaw in what you see at www.feelthebern.org which is a volunteer effort to aggregate material of use to revolutionaries.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for all you do to give us knowledge at our fingertips.