Demystifying Bodhi Meditation
Richard Kenneth Eng

My take on Meditation

I find you approach interesting and I hope you get the results you seek.

Personally, what I call meditation, is not all that hard. Relaxation is key, along with the ability to focus ones mind on the here and now without acknowledging anything happening around you. Both come with practice. A quiet environment is essential during the learning period. Once you get the hang of it, you can do it anytime. No special poses or rituals are needed apart from a simple mantra of sorts. That serves to trigger a Pavlovian return to the desired meditative state… again this describes what I call meditation. YMMV

I prefer to focus on the flow of internal energy within me (whether or not such energy actually exists). I am 100% convinced that the body has an amazing capacity to fix itself. I won’t bore you with my anecdotal experiences, but it is clear to me that our genetic makeup has evolved with that capacity.

In my opinion, modern life, with so many medical and “spiritual” alternatives, tends to leave that capacity untapped… but it’s still there. Obviously it can’t fix everything. On the other hand, given a chance, it can fix a lot of things. Again, I hope your approach puts you in touch with that capacity with good results.

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