Intro to One Kid, His Thanks To The Realest Influencer Around, and Why I Appreciate Him

So before I say anything about myself, I first have to seriously thank my idol, GARYVEEEEEEEEEEE. It was only thanks to following his content and was literally because of a video he posted about how practical it really is to build a business around a blog like this, did I decide to start today.

That being said though, to start us right off, I’m Elwin! Right now, I’m still just a sophomore in high school, BUT! I’VE GOT THESE BIG ASPIRATIONS OF MAKING IT BIG BY LAUNCHING THE NEXT FACEBOOK!!!………..or so I was.

Putting the whole B.S. narrative of ‘starting the next Facebook’ aside, to let you guys in on a bit of myself, not too long ago, I was just another brat that felt self-entitled to being able to change the world. You could say I still am, because probably somewhere in the back of my head, I’m starting this blog with the expectation of it potentially blowing up, haha.

Like I was saying before though, Gary, if you’re watching, I want to let you know that your content has really provided so much value for me! (If you don’t know him or haven’t already, make sure to follow him by searching up Gary Vaynerchuk) Gary, your vids, and articles, and rants, and talks, were all what really opened up self-awareness for me (though we’ll get to that another time), along with a straight-up punch to the face for me to face reality, because boy, Gary, am I a bullshitter at heart too. On that note, you always make sure to give it to us straight and real, especially when it’s something assholes like me need to hear, and I really respect that and idealize after it.

All in all, I really just wanted to use this post as an expression of my gratitude, but hopefully you, the readers, were able to get some insight of me, and how I may seem like kind of a dick, but I’ll be sure to make another post that will delve a bit more deeply as to who I am!

P.S. And if you’ve read down this far, thanks so much for being willing to hop on this journey with me, and I’m seriously looking forward to getting to know you!