Finding the Fruit for you.

Given the whole idea of prototyping an app and creating a usable interface
for fruit, I immediately thought, tinder. hah. What a thing to think. Matching people with, what a wonderful idea. Find fruit in your area and instantly matching you with those “groves” around you.

I started with pen on paper and jotted down my thoughts on my new found love for frinder. Then started sketching out the interface and what “page” will go where.

Then I toned it up, so the screens would fit almost correctly in reference to
the phone.

Followed by a quick video on how the app would be used, but in commercial


The overall project was fun, a bit rushed, chaotic, but overall a good experience.When tasked with creating an app on finding fruit, I initially was extremely confused. Like what am I supposed to do? Fruit, app, finding fruit in an app? It helped me brainstorm ideas quicker than usual and find relevance to today’s modern apps, such as tinder.

What did you like Most?

I liked designing and playing with POP. The ability to create an app on paper and play with it on your phone was quite and experience. Something about seeing your imagination and creativity come to life on your phone is astonishing really. It inspired me, it made me want to have that ability, to create and design apps for everyday life.

Why is this Important?

This work is extremely important because it helps make us understand the processes for creating an application. It allows us to brainstorm quicker and create better solutions faster, which all in all, is extremely more efficient. It also helps us visualize our ideas and how to put them on paper, so that they can come to life, and be used by many users.

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