DONT: “It’s an app that aggregates all the upper case letters in a Medium post and then creates a word cloud that finds repetitive patterns in a trending topic using AI from Azure and the power of the Cloud to create synergistic flows that signal a paradigm shift for marketing trends.”
Graduating From Developer to Entrepreneur
Rulian Estivalletti

I think this is mostly true however the exception i found is that for enterprise applications to sell at their huge prices, they are usually justified by the use of high sounding, vague and complicated jargons. At least this was my experience from my former job which was a fintech company(omni channel comes to mind) .

Being a developer and a product manager with entrepreneurial inclinations, I found your article to be harshly true. Ideas are worth nothing if not executed well.

And then we overbuild to impress ourselves and the product manager! Pity!

Thanks for putting this up. It was really refreshing.

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