Who am I?

I’m Eun Kim, my full name is Eun Sun Kim and I’m from South Korea. I came to Australia in 2004, which is when I was in year 2. My whole family came to Australia (parents, brother and sister). I’m not that fluent in speaking English as I speak in Korean more than English as my parents cannot speak English and also I feel more comfortable speaking in Korean.

When I first came to Australia, I did not know English at all, even the alphabets as I haven’t learnt it at all when I was in Korea. So it was very difficult for me to read, write, speak and understand English, but the help of my teachers, including the ESL teacher, and my friends led me to the improvements in English.

I have decided to study an education course to become a teacher in the future to help those students who needs help when learn new things. If I can, in the future when I graduate university and start teaching, I would like to go back to Korea to teach English. The reason for this is that because there are differences in sentence structure, grammar, etc. between Korean and English, students in Korea find it difficult to learn English. I know how hard it is to learn a new language as I have experienced it, so I want to help those students who are struggling to learn English.

I study Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Australian Catholic University (ACU), Strathfield campus. I have created this blog for the unit ‘COMM140: Digital Communication Technologies’, to write about my reflective journal on what I learn and study in this unit at university.

The work contained in this blog is my own work, except those that are appropriately referenced.