Hawkfield Gallery Consultants Review — Understanding the Art Gallery System

Misconceptions about galleries are common to people who don’t have an adequate understanding of how an art gallery works. Art gallery system will never wither even though some artists nowadays rely on the internet to advertise or promote their works. As we all become accustomed to the internet as a medium for buying and selling, art galleries aren’t going to disappear as it has a special place in the art industry. Many art lovers and collectors still prefer to see an artwork in person and touch it before purchasing the piece.

An art gallery is a place where visual arts are displayed to be enjoyed and appreciated by the public. Paintings, photographs, sculptures, handlooms, relics and other valuable art objects can be found inside a gallery. The aim of these establishments is to promote and represent the art and its artist as well as to sell the artwork at a reasonable price.

Hawkfield Gallery offers various high-quality classic American arts in competitive prices. Check out their website to know more about them. They display the list of artists they represent on their website too.

Art Consignment

The consignment arrangement is the most typical way a gallery will show an artwork. Wherein, they borrow the art work from the owner to showcase it in the gallery, and then pay the owner only when a buyer purchases the piece. Hawkfield Gallery accepts consignments and they even sell their own art acquisitions. Contact Hawkfield if you like your art work for consignment.

Art Appraising

Evaluating the price for artworks, antiques and collectible items isn’t easy as it is influenced by many factors. Some of these factors are the condition of the artwork, trends in the art market as well as the personal interest of those involved in the transaction. Setting a fixed price for an artwork is a very delicate process that must be entrusted to a professional art consultant. Hawkfield Gallery has fine arts consultants that can help you determine the current market value of the artwork you possess. They use Sales Comparison Approach (SCA) — a method where consultants compare the artwork to a similar one (in terms of the characteristics and properties of the piece) that has been sold or in the marketplace.