Isithwalandwe Ahmed Kathrada

Today a need exists for us to honour a man who is an inspiration to all South Africans. A man whose life is a chronicle of the struggle against apartheid. Today we need to celebrate a life that has spoken for the disenfranchisement of many people and realistically impacted the lives of millions of South Africans.

While many of us will not face the depth of struggles that these heroes would have encountered, we definitely know that without passion success is infinitely harder to attain. It’s to be passionate about whatever we are doing and to know the difference between right and wrong.

Politics, business and life itself is a team sport and in order to succeed we are going to have to think how to have to learn how to think in synergy with our respective teams.

Looking at things differently, is now not the time to embrace new opportunities and build on the great legacy that our leaders have left us with?

“Embracing History, Overcoming Struggle, Demanding Justice”

Happy Birthday Ahmed Kathrada.