4 Characteristics of a Great Keynote Speaker

Are you looking for a great keynote speaker for your next academic conference or corporate meeting? A keynote speaker sets the tone and summarizes the core theme of an event. For a speaker who will inspire, educate and entertain your audience, choose someone who exhibits these important characteristics.

1. Confidence. Highly confident speakers appear credible, accurate, intelligent, believable and likeable in the eyes of the audience. In order to appear confident, the speaker must have ample experience speaking in front of large audiences, as well as a profound interest and knowledge of the theme, message and purpose of your event.

2. Personalization. Every person has their own unique story to tell, and what sets a great speaker apart from a good speaker is the ability to infuse their personal experiences into their speech. The best speakers draw on personal experiences to explain the overall message and theme of the speech and to inspire their audiences. For instance, a speaker discussing the subject of adversity will share their own personal challenges with hardship and misfortune, as well as how they overcame it and became a better person as a result.

3. Originality. The most sought-after keynote speakers have their own unique speaking style. This unique style may involve evoking humor and wit to keep the audience engaged and entertained, or using personal experience to trigger an emotional response from listeners.

4. Charisma. Last but not least, a great keynote speaker must be charismatic. Charismatic speakers are likeable and make their audience feel connected and leave the event feeling happy and uplifted. They are powerful and leave a strong, lasting impression on their audience and make them want to hear more.

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