How Can You Benefit from a Speakers Bureau?

If you’re like most companies interested in corporate professional development and enrichment, you’ve likely explored the idea of hiring a professional speaker for a meeting, conference or other company event. Companies and organizations value professional speakers for their ability to contribute outside insight and wisdom, to which employees are more likely to be receptive. Sometimes it’s how a message is delivered and who delivers it that makes all the difference, and this is exactly what speakers can do for corporate leaders.

However, while companies and organizations may find the idea of hiring a speaker appealing, finding the right one can be challenging. It’s not as simple as calling a celebrity speaker directly and asking him or her to speak at your event, and there’s also the complexity of ensuring that a speaker’s message aligns well with your desired takeaway.

Luckily, there are speakers bureaus — organizations designed to facilitate the hiring of professional speakers. Speakers bureaus have proven to be a strategic solution for both companies and speakers themselves. Companies now have a specific directory to turn to when in search of a speaker, while speakers can leverage a bureau as a platform to promote their services and reach more customers.

Specifically, working with a speakers bureau affords companies the following advantages:

· Insight and Guidance

A speakers bureau affords customers the help and guidance they need to choose the right speaker. A bureau thoroughly understands what each of its speakers brings to the table and can make quick, insightful recommendations based on their familiarity with a speaker’s style, subject matter and overall performance. A bureau can provide informed suggestions regarding a speaker that could meet your desired topic, audience, performance style and budget. Turning to a bureau therefore saves time, hassle, and the risk of choosing an inadequate speaker.

· An Expansive Selection

A speakers bureau typically doesn’t work with just a handful of clients; rather, they coordinate with an expansive and varied team of professional speakers from all walks of life. This increases a company’s chances of finding the right speaker, and also relieves a company of coming to the table with a specific speaker in mind. Just imagine if you had to think of a celebrity speaker on your own — you’d undoubtedly overlook a number of exciting, engaging and effective keynote speakers that could be less well-known or WORD. Customers can browse a bureau’s online database of speakers by industry, topic, popularity and much more.

· An Effective Intermediary

A speakers bureau also serves as an intermediate party that helps oversee the business transaction between a speaker and a company. Rather than navigate the challenges and complexities of speaking fees, logistics and contracts alone, a speakers bureau provides assistance in each of these matters to ensure your arrangements proceed without a hitch.

How will your company benefit from a speakers bureau?

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