Joining the Rebel Alliance

Matías Quaranta
Apr 24, 2017 · 4 min read

I’ve been a web developer for the past 14 years. Since the good old Visual InterDev & ASP times.

During this time, I’ve seen companies rise, fall, and evolve. Some companies started as the coolest place in the world only to become the “evilest”, while others that were seen as a monopolic empire, reinvented themselves.

I’ve heard more times than I can remember the phrase: “I’m joining the dark side” referring to people joining Microsoft.

I am joining Microsoft, but not that dark galactic empire. I’m joining a new Microsoft; an open, radical, and cool Rebel Alliance where I feel like I can be part of something bigger. And I’m joining one of the coolest teams and products I’ve ever had the chance to know, Azure DocumentDB.

Things don’t “just happen”, they are a concequence of chained conscious actions you set in motion; its just that sometimes it’s hard to spot the links.

Early on, I was blessed with the opportunity of learning from people that taught me the value of innovation, crazy ass programmers that created AJAX using Javascript, DLLs written on Visual Basic and something called Remote Scripting (back when the term AJAX was still something of the future). While the rest of the industry was using cookie-cutted page POSTs and forms, they were thinking outside the box. Thank you Matías & Gonzalo.

Later, on the last year of my engineer career, professor Gustavo Andres Brey blew my mind away and showed me the world of software architecture, it was like being a child again playing Lego, but this time, buses, queues, and interfaces made the blocks click.

As time passed, I discovered I enjoyed challenges, I couldn’t just sit there with just what I knew… knowledge was out there, and the only way of reaching is was moving. And so I took the glove that Miguel Saez threw down at me and joined his team with Martin R. Legnoverde, Guillermo Bellmann, Walter Becerra and a group of extremelly skilled people at Autocosmos to face my next adventure in cloud computing.

I had the great honor of becoming a Microsoft MVP for three consecutive years, a program that allowed me to meet personally with a worldwide group of passionate and amazing people, like Nicolás Bello Camilletti, Victor Silva, Fabián Fernández, Pablo Di Loreto, and Sebastian Henzenn. It was the best experience in the world and I will forever treasure our friendship :).

LATAM MVPs power

Last but not least, having the unfaltering support of my family on everything I ever did was the cornerstone that made everything possible :)

Looking back at each of those decisions and moments in my life, I can find something in common: I always gave my 110% in everything I did, I deeply enjoy the art of software development and architecture, and I love sharing my knowledge with the world. I know for sure that joining Microsoft will let me empower those around me, give me the opportunity to learn from them, and focus everything I know in creating new and exciting experiences.

Your knowledge is as valuable as your ability to share it

Matías Quaranta

Written by

Software Engineer @ Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. Your knowledge is as valuable as your ability to share it.

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