Donald Trump will make America worse

I love my country. I’m upset about Trump’s election because I believe that America will suffer. Here’s a list of some of the ways I expect this suffering to be apparent.

The economy

Civil rights

  • The incarceration rate will increase (21.5 per 1,000 people were estimated to be in prison at the end of 2014; Bureau of Justice Statistics).
  • Women will earn a smaller percentage of what men earn. (The median value of weekly earnings from full-time work for women was 82% of that for men in Q3 2016; Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • Fewer adult US citizens will be able to meet state voting requirements (I haven’t been able to find a good nationwide estimate of this — watch this space).


The environment

  • The average global temperature continue to increase (exceeding 1990's global surface temperature — relative to 1951–1980 average temperatures — of 0.44 °C; NASA).
  • Sea levels will continue to rise (the global mean sea level, with seasonal signals removed, will continue to exceed year 2000 values; NOAA).

I’m not implying that these are the most important issues in the country, or that bean counting is the best way to measure our nation’s health. I’m simply focusing on things that are easy to measure in order to make concrete, testable predictions, because evidence matters.

I also believe that Trump’s policies will disproportionately affect minorities. This topic is being addressed by authors who are more qualified than me.

People change their beliefs to justify their own past actions. If you think that Trump will improve my country, tell me how today. Tell me that you disagree with all my predictions of how it will be harmed. I will hope that you’re right.