I’ll be honest.

Since the demise of Cohort, it has taken me way, way longer to pick myself up than I thought it would. It’s nine months later, and I’ve just about figured things out… I think.

2018 brought a mix of personal and professional challenges, as anyone who has met me over the past year will know.

I could spend time talking about “the hows” and “the whys”, but really, I’ve done enough internalising. Carl Martin took a long, hard look at his own journey, and I found his experience to be remarkably similar to mine (also funny that we both were focused on solving similar problems.)

As for me, I was really taken aback by the messages of support I received after announcing Cohort’s closure. I feel very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of different offers and opportunities to join or lead teams over the past number of months.

I think I probably had a couple of false starts. Getting back into the saddle, so to speak, only to fall off again. There were times where I thought I was in the right headspace to take on new challenges, but really I wasn’t.

I can see that now.

Going Back to Move Forward

A few months ago an old friend asked me if I could help him out. His company was sponsoring a small developer conference in Berlin, and he needed someone to represent them. This kind of thing was my bread and butter, before starting Cohort.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed talking to people who are building things, and understanding how I could help them. This is what my team and I did while at Engine Yard. It’s what I did with my previous two companies, and it’s what I spent many years doing in the Dublin and European developer community.

It occurred to me that the best way to move forward, was to actually go back to my roots.

So, I’m thrilled to be joining Scout, a company that specialises in APM for developers. I’m leading their European team, and so far that’s a team of one… just me! But I’m hiring for Technical Support and Customer Success roles. If you’ve a development or APM background, and like talking to people, then drop me a line:

Quick Pitch; Keep Reading ☺️

Scout goes a long way to help developers easily discover bottlenecks in their apps, but this is one of my favourite features:

With Scout, there’s no need to manually click on dozens — or sometimes hundreds — of different endpoints and inspect charts.
Scout can analyze the response time of each endpoint for you, identifying those with the greatest latency over the highlighted timeframe.


If you think Scout could help you, drop me a mail and I’ll get you going with a discount —

Or, if you’re locked into an annual contract with another vendor

👉 we’ll cover your cancellation fee! 👈

Of course, if you’re already a customer (thank you!) drop me a mail, and I’ll see what I can do :)

I’m on Twitter, if you’d like to chat / DM, and we share updates on Scout and our experiences with Application Performance Monitoring at @ScoutAPM.