My Fun Fish — The Popular Self-Cleaning Beta Aquarium for Kids

Based in Overland Park, Kansas, Earl Pardo guides Will It Launch, a company that focuses on “As Seen on TV” products that combine innovation with mass appeal. Among the successful products his firm has introduced are the Total View Mirror and the Magic Mesh door screen. Another popular item that Earl Pardo has helped launch is My Fun Fish, the brainchild of two entrepreneurial friends.

Laid off from work in 2008, one of the inventors purchased a small aquarium and noticed that after a couple of weeks the water grew dirty and was difficult to clean. With plenty of free time on his hands, he spent three years engaged in developing a simple, easy self-cleaning aquarium for beta fish. He went through tens of thousands of dollars making prototypes that did not make a profit before connecting with Will It Launch.

Priced at under $20 on Amazon, My Fun Fish is a popular item that employs gravity to accomplish cleaning and ensure that the water is fresh and oxygenated. It is ideal for busy families who don’t have the time to deal with the upkeep and mess involved in properly maintaining a traditional aquarium.

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