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SOUTH BEND — Earlybird Software, an emerging provider of cloud solutions for data engineering and analytics, announced on Friday their contribution of an original business case study for use in undergraduate coursework at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

The case, which describes a business strategy problem at the fictional Callahan Auto Group, is inspired by Earlybird’s extensive experience serving automotive retailers over the last five years. The written narrative, and accompanying hands-on exercise instructions, are supported by a highly realistic artificial dataset designed to exemplify the real-life challenges of using live data, as set forth in the case. …

Departure of top product executive signals that “AWS For Everybody” may soon be ready for public release

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Photo by UX Store on Unsplash

The departure of a top Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive has signaled that a widely anticipated new service on the platform, a project known as “AWS For Everyone,” may soon be ready for public release. Adam Bosworth, a product development VP at Amazon who is widely known for his prior work with Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce, shared the news of his exit in a LinkedIn post last week. This fueled speculation from the tech business press, who have been closely following announcements and leaks about the initiative for over a year.

Why all the interest? AWS For Everyone is rumored to be Amazon’s largest foray yet into what’s being termed the “no-code” space, a label that describes a specific category of software products and services, but is more broadly embodied by an entire emerging movement within software development to empower more non-engineers with the ability to develop and maintain their own applications, without needing to learn a modern programming language or advanced devops techniques. If you’re familiar with other types of no-code tools that have already become popular for things like building marketing websites (Squarespace) or managing basic forms and databases (Airtable), you can maybe see how a cloud service that brings similar ease-of-use to the world of enterprise applications could be seen as incredibly exciting and transformative, and from a commercial standpoint, potentially quite disruptive to the industry. …

It’s no secret that retaining an existing customer is far more profitable than bringing in new customers, but not all existing customers are the same. How can you be confident which customers have the highest likelihood to become loyal and which are just single-transaction?

By leveraging your existing customer data and some advanced analytics, you can not only determine which customers are most likely to become loyal, but also understand the full customer “journey.” The customer journey maps out a series of touch points that your most loyal customers follow. …



Chicago-based developer of custom cloud and mobile software, emphasizing solutions for smarter business operations. Learn more at earlybird.co.

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