How to create a Syscoin wallet address?

What is Syscoin?

Syscoin is a open-source blockchain development platform and an altcoin (cryptocurrency). Syscoin developed the first decentralized marketplace, it’s like Amazon but decentralized on the blockchain. Syscoin lets you build other tokens on their blockchain, which are either divisble or non-divisible.

Divisible tokens are used to represent physical products and non-divisible tokens are used to represent services, commodities, etc.

One of the projects that is built on the Syscoin platform is AiBB. In this Medium post you can read more about AiBB and their listing on Earndrop. Interested in reading about Syscoin in detail? Check out their website for a great overview of the Syscoin platform:

The Syscoin wallet

The Syscoin wallet is easily downloadable from their official website, at: and then select ‘’Syscoin QT 3X Wallets’’.

This will redirect you to the official Syscoin Github, where you can download the latest wallet at any time.

Syscoin Download Page

Personally, I have a 64-bit Windows laptop and therefore download the ‘’Syscoincore-’’ file. After downloading it, I extract the zip file on my computer and open the ‘’bin’’ map and open the file ‘’Syscoin-qt’’.

The file will open and the official Syscoin wallet will open. The first time you open the wallet, it will have to synchronize to the last block that has been mined. This will take a while for the first time. However, after you close your wallet and open it again a few days later, it will take a much shorter time to do so again.

Syscoin Core Wallet

After the wallet has been fully synchronized, it is time to make a backup file of your wallet. Make sure to safe this file on for example an USB or external hard disk. You can do so by clicking on ‘File’ in the top left corner and then select ‘Backup wallet’.

To find your Syscoin wallet address, click on file again. This time click on ‘’Receiving addresses’.

You can add more addresses by selecting ‘New’. And you can edit the label of each address by right-clicking on ‘(no label)’ and hitting edit.


Congratulations! You now have a public Syscoin wallet address, which you can use to receive Syscoin tokens from the Earndrop platform (or other sources).

Besides the AiBB Earndrop campaign, the WatermelonBlock Earndrop campaign is also still live! So, continue earning tokens on Earndrop now by logging in on the Earndrop platform!

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