Significance is a subtle Mistress. . .

Creative passions are high and yet as most know the mastery of creative craft is elusive. I have the opportunity to head up a department at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church — the worship department. In my wanderings through the hallways of the western church I often get the chance to engange in conversation that pulls some of the best things from the background of my soul. . .more like firm images out of the static screen from dad’s old television. Just the other day a co-worker stopped with me for such musings. . .and “significance is a subtle mistress” arrived in the conversation, like she had been waiting in the shadows. Was she lurking? Hmmm. . .great question. Yet as I begin working toward the first presentation of “World Collisions and Conversations” (a three part Pastor & Worship Leader workshop for Best Practices 2015) I find this phrase rising to the top of my introspection. There is more to come, from the static screen of my soul, but for today I find this is enough to chew on as I look forward to this journey.

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