DAMN Every time…

Every time you log on to Internet and search on digital marketing, you always feel so lost right? So much content what to read and what not to read. So much of data. HELL, I know so less and everyone around looks like genius.

Well that’s every marketers problem, we have so much to do and learn and so little time and well what could be the possible solution to it?

Dang, log on Google and search about all the tools check with others what they use and your are done get bunch of tools read more about them and deploy them and you feel like super marketer.

Well we don’t realize tools are just to meditate our communication and give us some insights, but real marketing lies in tell a story right way. You got to be a storyteller. Remember the time around fireplace and listening to a story, that’s the attention your audience demands not just content diarrhea. Data is good and can help us create better stories and connect better with audience but don’t believe in data that’s tell post at 12 pm on Wednesday to get better reach and attention, rather write better content.

With this note we shall conclude we will share lot our thoughts and work soon we just got started at Medium.

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