6 Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

As winter becomes an ever more distant memory (well, at least here on the west coast) and shorter nights and longer days are here, it’s time for a spring clean.

In a digital age, it’s easy to let clutter build up and develop bad habits. Who really has time to sit and sort out their inbox and contacts lists? Before you know it, you have three numbers for Thomas and you know the right one ends in ‘235’, but don’t do anything to remove the duplicates. You just can’t summon the energy or make it a priority, right?

Wrong. As you put away the winter clothes, plan those summer breaks and ready yourself for springtime, make some time for a digital spring clean. Thanks to EasilyDo, it won’t be half as taxing as you fear.

1. Clear out Your Inbox

There are various reasons for keeping emails, but no good reasons for not organizing the ones worth keeping.

Perhaps you’re keeping hold of emails with attachments. Why? Chances are you’ll have to trawl through a whole bunch of them before finding the file you need. Download the attachment, file it and then delete the accompanying emails.

Better still, make use of the Email Attachments option in EasilyDo, which can compile all your recent attachments into one card and then allow you to view them individually.

Organize your emails into a select number of categories (Home, Work, Urgent, Events) and get into the habit of filing them at one point each week (say, a Friday morning first thing).

You can also enable settings to alert you to important emails that require a response. With EasilyDo’s Emails Needing Your Attention and Important Email Alerts, you’ll get a card in your feed allowing you to respond instantly.

2. Update Your Contacts

You may also be holding on to emails that contain important contact details, whether for professional or personal contacts. You’ll likely end up scrolling through a lot of messages before stumbling across what you need.

Extract the contact information from those older emails using EasilyDo’s Catch All Contacts. This feature grabs the contact information you’re missing from your Contacts list and adds brand new entries or adds information to contacts that already exist.

To keep up with new contact information as it comes in, EasilyDo’s Discover New Contacts function is the way to go. It seeks out new contacts from your email and adds them to your Contacts, Evernote, or even Salesforce in the Business subscription.

Even in a digital age, business cards are still the order of the day in a lot of industries, but that doesn’t mean keeping a pile of dog-eared cards in a drawer. With EasilyDo Business, you can scan them with Evernote and import those contacts directly into Salesforce… freeing up a lot of drawer space.

3. Update Your Professional Profiles

Profiles are like websites: they need refreshed content on a reasonably regular basis. When was the last time you looked at your own Twitter photo? Do you have a recent headshot on LinkedIn? Have you added your latest projects or that promotion you got to your resume? Perhaps you have a new title?

It’s important that you keep all your professional profiles up to date, otherwise you’re not doing yourself justice and may even miss out on making great contacts or seizing new professional opportunities.

4. Sort Your notes

It’s one thing to take notes in Evernote, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating trying to upload those notes into other platforms, like Salesforce. EasilyDo Business now allows users to find and log their meeting notes directly to Salesforce as well as log customer emails and upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and email attachments too.

If you also need a nudge to keep up to date with filing your notes, you can set meeting notes reminders to prompt you to get filing straight after meeting with customers.

5. Back up Everything

There is literally no excuse anymore for losing information: you just have to keep backing up your data. Whether it’s controlled by the business you work for or your own responsibility, make sure that you are regularly backing up everything on all the devices you use.

At the same time, why not install the latest updates to the software you regularly need for work? This can often be done overnight if the process is lengthy, meaning that you can get straight to work in the morning without interrupting your workflow.

6. Detox From Social Media

Last but not least, take a look at your social media habits and see whether you can cut down on the hours you spend checking it. You could make a deal with yourself to only check social media in a lunch break, or on your way to and from work on the train. You could go ‘cold turkey’ for a week and see how you fare. If you add up the time you spend checking these streams, you might find that you have more time than you think to achieve those things that just never get done: go for a run, plan a nice meal, read a book, relax!

It’s literally never been easier to carry out a thorough digital spring clean thanks to apps like EasilyDo, so what are you waiting for? Get organized and get outside… It’s time for some fresh air all round.

Originally published at www.easilydo.com on March 12, 2015.