Neil Parmenter and Neil Carter-James’ Origin Paddleboards Kickstarter campaign started on March 15, 2016 and was fully-funded within 48 hours — read on to find out what it’s like to back a couple thousand dollars’ worth of empty promises.

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We paddle every day, until we don’t

They promised “The World’s Best Inflatable SUP” — “ Lighter, faster, stronger and even more beautiful. Made in Switzerland.” They promised “Punctuality”, that “deadlines will be kept”, and boards delivered in May 2016; but as of 20 January, 2017, the Creators of the Kickstarter campaign Origin Paddleboards informed 48 backers that “they tried their best” and would “stop trading”. I was backer 13 and was scammed for a couple thousand dollars; others were scammed for even more. We thought we were funding production…

“As of immediate effect, Origin Paddleboards and it’s parent company SUP Switzerland GmbH has ceased trading. When…

Lucija Kordić

IX/UI/UX Designer // Hawaiian & Mexican vacation enthusiast // frequent listener of Desert Blues, Post Rock, Cumbia, and the Mermen // Stand Up Paddle Geek

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