The rise of the #Negroni…

According to Nina Caplan in her recent piece for The New Statesman an evening drink should be two things ‘bitter and cold’ and we totally agree.

The Negroni happens to be one of our personal favourites, and we are lucky enough to have a rather spectacular take on the vintage classic made right here on the premises in Tankerton…

Count Negroni is said to have invented the cocktail while in Florence in 1919, when he asked for a slug of gin instead of soda in his Americano (which was a rather less alcoholic mix of Campari, Vermouth and soda). It was quickly adopted by the Italians as a palate cleansing precursor to an evening meal, and as we know the Italians take these things very seriously. Fast forward to 2016 and the Negroni, along with Gin and other retro cocktails, is enjoying a global renaissance.

Mathew Smallbane, lover of great cooking, artisan wines and cocktail making, created Fatman’s Negroni while designing the drinks menu for his hugely popular pop up restaurant Fatman and Friends .

Requiring a stand out product, he developed his own interpretation of this much-loved cocktail, with a more rounded and balanced palate, giving it a wider appeal to those who might usually steer away from bitter drinks. At its heart you’ll find Count Negroni’s original recipe; a good dry gin, Mathew uses Bombay Sapphire, with notes of juniper and spice; the citrus aromas of a sweet vermouth, Martini Rosso, and the herbaceous floral tang of Campari. He adds a secret blend of aromatics, bringing this classic aperitif up to date for the modern palate. It is then aged to give it a velvety smooth edge.

The philosophy behind Fatman and Friends is that the people who work with, and for, Mathew are his friends first and foremost, with the same ideology and enthusiasm for hospitality. East Coast Dining Room are proud to be one of those friends, and join an illustrious and select list of suppliers which currently consists of Soho’s Quo Vadis, The French House Soho and Albion Clerkenwell and Shoreditch, and us!

Fatmans Aged Negroni is perfectly mixed so you don’t have to. Just add ice and slice of orange for the perfect pre-dinner tipple.

Enjoy a drink before your meal with us, or buy a bottle in what we are affectionately calling our ‘Little shop of treasures’.

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