How Traveling Makes You A More Creative Person

I’m probably one of the least creative people I know artistically speaking. However I’m right at the top of the list of problem solvers I know. Of course I would say that but the truth is I feel more comfortable when I have a lot going on at an event. It must be a right brain/left brain type thing I guess. Events keep me on my feet and my mind going the whole time with new challenges, physically and mentally. My favorite activity growing up in fifth grade was the times tables competitions in home room, spelling bees and the history bowls. After like 7th grade I hated all of that shit though. But at the time it was dope not knowing what kind of obstacle was coming next. That’s what travel is for me now, most times I don’t know anybody or anything about the cities or events I end up at.

Travel Connects You With People Who Were At The Opposite End Of Your Frequency.

While out and about traveling, specifically my first time to Austin, which has since became my favorite city to visit, I met some of the most creative people in my life everywhere. It was so contagious and overwhelming I wanted to move there earlier in March, life had other plans. I met people who freelanced and part timed mostly so they had their freedom to act, juggle or travel. It is a truly magical place for me, like a never ended music festival in a way. My creativity was usually in troubleshooting something for the wristband company or somebody like PayPal at music festivals. Austinites were the fun-loving, easy going attendees of the festival that is life! Everyone rides bikes, wears what the hell they want and expresses themselves. Somebody was always making music, drawing or doing street art around me her. I got so much creative advice, mainly to “just get started” which got me to buy a guitar and start painting. Shoutout Vince, Nedda Clark and everybody else I met out there living it up! These type of adventures and creative lessons are all over the country and world of course but I just connected with this place more. Find your Austin!

Travel Brings Out Your Adventurous Side

Depending on where you live, there’s dope shit happening everywhere especially in Atlanta for me. It’s not the same feeling as on the road when on the search for an adventure. Being in Williamsport looking for something to do is a lot different than being in Charlotte or even Talladega. You find amazing shit like The Ricketts Glen trail 45 minutes away but it’s cool because even the drive out there is more exciting than the same ol city streets. I don’t know that I had been hiking more than 3 times before that experience last year.

Damn I was fat as shit smh

Maybe one from this year is better, sheesh!

Still fat, but better

I’m even in better shape due to travel, I get out and walk downtown blocks or uber to a nice nearby trail. People always say it makes you fat because you’re not eating well which is very true at times but creative people seem to eat healthier. Either way, I have a widened perspective on life in general now due to all the stories I’ve heard in Greyhound stations to the world’s busiest airports and a little bit in between.

Overall I think I have gained so much through traveling, creativity just adds to that long list. This has mostly been traveling throughout the country, the real fun hasn’t even started. Just the fact that I even write and share post like these as a creative outlet is something I would not have done before two years ago. How has travel helped you creatively?

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