Ideal Fabrics for Islamic School Uniforms

People following Islam need to follow certain rules and regulations while getting dressed. This reflects in their dressing right from an early age. It is important for the Islamic school uniforms to be simple and of thick fabric. Islamic children cannot wear clothes that are see-through because the skin of the body should not be visible to anyone. Thus, it is very important for the school uniform to be made of thick material. Generally, girls wear 2 Piece Al-Amira Hijab, collar blouse and boys wear boys set and uniform cotton pants. Here are a few ideal fabrics of which the Islamic school uniforms should be made:

Cotton: This is the most commonly used material for school shirts. The fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and excellent for summers. The fabric is thick yet easily washable. Kids stay comfortable in shirts made of cotton material. This light and soft material is one of the ideal choices for a school uniform.

Corduroy: The word corduroy means ‘cloth of the King’ and is considered as a royal fabric. This material is a comfortable yet thick material and is low on budget. Pants made of this material are extremely comfortable to wear. It is important for kids to stay comfortable throughout the day, thus, this fabric is also one of the highly preferred materials.

Denim: Not many schools use uniforms made of denim because this generally gives a casual look. However, when we talk about Islamic uniforms, this can be one of the fabrics that can be used. The material is highly durable and thick, hence, the skin of the body is not at all visible.

Flannel: The word flannel originated from the word ‘gwalnen’ which means a woolen cloth. Resembling a twill, this fabric is ideal for uniforms for children living in colder regions. The outer layer of the fabric is soft while the interior is warm and comfortable. Some of the clothing options that can be stitched from this fabric include jackets, blazers and trousers.

Terelyn: Terelyn is a soft fabric and can be considered as a choice for school uniforms. This fabric is easy to wash, dries quickly and does not form crease. Islamic girls need to keep their entire body covered, thus, it is very important to dress them up in a fabric that is comfortable and soft.

Wool: Mostly schools make use of uniforms that are created with a blend of cotton and wool. Also, it is an ideal fabric that can be worn by students living in the cold regions. In some schools, the uniform for girls is Abayas. These schools can introduce woolen Abayas for the girls.

Islamic schools must select school uniforms that are made thick material, are durable and also keep the kids comfortable.