Islamic Swimming Suits Depicting Modesty, Decency, Comfort and Fashion

As per Islamic law, it is necessary for a Muslim woman to cover her body, except the face and the hands, in front of the general public, specially men to whom marriage is not permitted. It is also an obligation for all Muslim men to dress modestly as per the Islamic traditions. Under these circumstances, there has always been a great controversy related to what the Muslims should wear while swimming. Do you think, Muslim men and women refrain from swimming due to the restrictions imposed on their clothing as per the religion? The answer is “No”. A Muslim man or a woman can enjoy the best times at a beach or a swimming pool just like people of other religions but with some negotiations on their dressing part. The situation basically highlights the essence of negotiation in a multicultural society.

Yes, it is true that they cannot wear the appropriate skin revealing swimming costumes or a regular swimwear as per the dressing norms of their religion. But this does not mean that they cannot enjoy swimming in the scorching summer heat. They need to get the Islamic swimming suit or swimwear which is modest and decent, and as per the Islamic religion. Nowadays, the various special retail Islamic stores and the online Islamic stores have in their shelves different kinds of Islamic modest swimwear and clothes relevant to girls and boys who want to swim.

Usually, the most common design of a swimwear for a Muslim woman is like a complete body suit, made of water proof material and covering the entire body from neck to toe. This swimming costume also comes with a swimming cap, like a skull cap or Hijab that keeps the hair covered. The body suit is usually a two-piece suit, with a full length pant and a full-sleeve shirt. Similarly, the swimming costume for Muslim men are usually knee length swimming shorts and a T-shirt that covers the upper body. These Muslim swimming costumes are designed, considering both the aspects of comfortability and fashion. Muslim men and women can wear these to swim comfortably and at the same time they do not need to be worried about whether their body parts are exposed to other people swimming with them.

Nowadays, such special swimming dresses for Muslim men and women are available in various colors and prints that take into account the fashionable sense of both men and women. You look stylish even when you are wearing a fully covered clothing for swimming. They are available in different good quality brands in the major stores specially meant for Islamic clothing.