Make the Best Choice in Islamic Clothing

Clothing for Muslim women are based on standards specified by Islamic tradition. Decency, simplicity and modesty are prime concerns for Islamic clothing. Common garments worn by Muslim women are hijabs, abayas, jilbabs, niqabs and tunic tops. Furthermore, Islamic clothing also features sportswear and swimwear. While choosing any of the above mentioned garments, you need to make sure that it meets all your requirements and conforms to Islamic clothing standards. This way you can pick the best clothing that not only suits your style but also maintains modesty in your dressing.

Buying Islamic garments has become much easier today. There are many websites from where one can purchase cheap Islamic clothing.

Choose the Right Fabric and Length for Hijab

Hijab is a scarf that covers the head, face and chest of Muslim women. Sometimes it goes down till the waist. “Hijab” also refers to the Islamic tradition of covering the body with clothing. Nowadays, Muslim women have numerous options for hijab. It is available in rectangular and square shapes, and can either be plain or printed. Fabric can be cotton, viscose, satin, georgette or chiffon. Depending on the shape of your face, choose the suitable length for hijab. Make sure that colors are not too bright and designs are not too flashy.

Mix and Match Colors in Abayas

Abaya is a loose garment that covers the whole body from shoulders to ankles, Normally, Muslim women wear black abayas. One can also choose other colors such as brown and blue. Several new styles have been introduced in abayas. A popular one is the kaftan abaya which features loose sleeves resembling the wings of a butterfly.

Wear tunics that Entirely Cover the Body Shape

Tunic is a single clothing that offers several amazing features. It is loose, comfortable and elegant. However, one should be careful while choosing this garment. Pick one that perfectly hides your body shape. Tunics are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can team these with any other clothing or accessories. The tunic should be long enough to cover your body from shoulders to knees. Fitting should be loose and comfortable.

Wear Jilbabs for a Formal Look

Jilbab is the best attire for formal occasions. It is a long dress that resembles a coat. It can be worn alone or over regular clothing. There are many factors you should consider while buying jilbabs, such as tradition, size specifications, fabric, climate and body shape.

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