Modest Hajj Clothing Which Will Add Elegance to Your Pilgrimage

A hajj trip is an experience in itself that can’t be defined merely by words. The venerated journey to the holy lands of Mecca is something all devout Muslims look forward to with devotion as well as anticipation. The holy pilgrimage is usually undertaken between 8th to 12th in the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, last month according to the Islamic calendar and all Muslims who consider themselves financially and physically capable dream of joining the thousands of pilgrims at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re taking the holy journey it is important to wear the best and modest of your clothing and for the Muslims living in western part of the globe it is often difficult to find modest Muslim clothing. This problem has been solved with the inception of various online stores that sell choicest of Muslim clothing and merchandises. Special and stylized hajj clothing is also available on these websites and Islamic men can choose from an exquisite range of dishdashas and kurta sets. For a modest and an elegant look, Islamic men can go for the quaint and simple Khasib dishdasha which is made up for 100% chambray fabric for ulterior comfort. Men should also check out the other simple and modest variants of dishdasha such as Arham Men’s Jubba dishdasha which is entirely made up of cotton and is adorned with contrast brown piping for a classic look. There is also a vast range of thobes available on these online stores ranging from the exclusive Moroccan style thobe to the hand-embroidered Koshibo thobe. If you are among those who wish to wear kurtas on this revered journey, you can choose from beautiful kurta sets. For instance, one can go for Fadil Kurta Set, Arbaaz Men’s Kurta set or even Afham Men’s Kurta Set. All these kurta sets are made up of cotton fabric and are widely preferred among pilgrims for their subtlety.

Hajj clothes for women are also available on these stores and women can buy simplistic two piece hijabs and elegant jilbabs. Irfana jilbab is advisable for Haj as well as Umrah — this jilbab presents an impeccable combination of modesty and femininity and is lined with alluring embroidery on both sides and even on sleeves. For those who are looking for an abaya can buy simple prayer abayas which come in a serene shade of white or can go for the beautiful Arub abaya which is decorated with matching buttons and has a high neck line.

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