Set in the Harmony of Your Homes with Bakhoor Fragrance

As in sync with the Islamic practice of using natural elements, Bakhoor is a staple traditional home incense in Arab households which has been used for ages. Colloquially known as Oudh, its’ supposed to be scented bricks or wooden chips dipped in fragrant essential oils, the smell of which infuses into the room on being burnt. It is further mixed with other naturally scented raw materials like musk, sandalwood etc. to intensify the scent. So long before the concept of air fresheners or room incense existed, the Arabs perfected the art of harmonizing the homely air. They are also believed to be a part of the Sunnah tradition of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a common household paraphernalia at the time of the prophets.

However, off late owing to globalization Bakhoor has easily stepped into our lounges and Drawing rooms and has hit a cord with the Asian markets. A bakhoor traditionally uses another accessory and that is the Bakhoor Burner (Mabkhara). Generally, a bakhoor holder or a lamp uses charcoal chips but modern day innovation has also led to the usage of many indigenous ways of fuming the bakhoor and one of those ways is the electric burners for they are a safe bet from a safety protocol. Believe it or not, you also have some portable car bakhoor burners. However, nothing comes closer to burning bakhoor with charcoal discs. Perhaps it would pique your interest to know that the famed Disney’s Blue Geenie in Arabians Nights also pops out of a ‘Chiragh’ (lamp) which is another alternative to bakhoor burner. Now that’s some trivia for you there. Perhaps you can easily scoot many such easily available replicas in the market if you wish to check online.

It’s also interesting to note that Burning Bakhoor comes mandatory on some special occasions like Fridays, weddings and other Islamic gathering and has very much been a part of Islamic culture especially in the Middle east. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time you look up for some bakhoor online for you never know as you just might hit gold with a Geenie. Wishful thinking it is!