Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Hijab

Hijabs are no longer available only in black color. A huge variety of colorful Hijabs are now available in the market, so why not make best use of this stylish drapery. Hijabs can add a style quotient to your overall dressing and at the same time make you look modest. Fashion is not just about picking apparels of the latest trend and wearing them – it is all about getting dressed in the right manner. Cotton Hijabs are the best as they are easy to carry and at the same time keep you comfortable. Many women get confused when it comes to selecting a Hijab and coordinating it with their outfit. We bring to you some easy tips by which you can select a Hijab according to your skin tone and coordinate it with your outfit in the best possible manner.

How to choose a solid color Hijab according to your skin tone

-Fair skin tone: If you are blessed with a fair skin tone, you can opt for dark shades like black, red, royal blue, dark gray and dark purple etc. Dark solid colors will enhance your skin tone even more and will add a grace and charm to your face. Avoid choosing light colors like white, beige and pastel shades as these will not compliment your skin tone.

-Wheatish skin tone: People having a medium/wheatish skin tone should opt for Hijabs in shades of red, pink and blue. Colors like brown, orange and caramel should be avoided.

-Dark skin tone: If you have a dark complexion and feel that nothing looks good on you, here is a trick that will change the way you think. While picking a Hijab, always choose pastel and neutral shades. Avoid colors like red, black, brown, yellow, green and orange as the skin will appear darker.

How to coordinate colors

-Keep Hijabs of basic color: Always keep a black and a cream color Hijab in your wardrobe. When you really don’t know what color Hijab will match your outfit, go for a black or a cream color Hijab. These two shades can compliment any outfit perfectly. Whether you wear an Abaya, a tunic or a kurti, these Hijabs can go well with any outfit.

-Choose solid colors: Though printed Hijabs are available in the market, you should choose solid color Hijabs as they can easily go with an outfit of any color. Printed Hijabs are difficult to match, while solid ones can be easily matched.

-Do not pair a printed Hijab with a printed outfit: Wearing a printed Hijab with a printed outfit is a very wrong fashion style. If you are willing to wear a printed Hijab, match it only with a solid color outfit. If you really want to experiment the look of a printed Hijab with a printed outfit, do it extremely carefully.

Your selection of Hijab can make or break your fashion statement. Make sure you select a Hijab carefully and look stylish and classy.