Beneficial Effects of Green Tea
Dr. Jason Fung

To indulge your last question, I have a reason for not drinking green tea you may be able to help me understand. I would like to drink green tea for some of the many reasons you mention in this article.

But when I drink green tea it provokes a migraine-like response. The migraine-like response occurs within a few hours of consuming 1–2 mugs and is obviously really unpleasant (queasy feeling in the head and stomach, visual disturbances, etc.).

As a regular coffee drinker, I know it’s highly unlikely it’s the caffeine causing this. I also tried isolating the green tea consumption to make sure it’s that and at this point I’m very certain.

I’ve only managed to find few other examples like my own so I guess it’s either rare or maybe I’m just imagining it.

Any shared thoughts about this is appreciated because I would like to enjoy green tea without feeling sick afterwards.