Al Pomodoro Sauce with Fresh Tomatoes

This can seem a bit fiddly but it really isn’t and it tastes delicious; such a fresh flavour.

INGREDIENTS — only 3 needed

Fresh beef tomatoes (one per person)

Garlic cloves (one per person)

Olive oil — drizzle


First you need to skin the tomatoes and garlic so:-

Get a big pan and put the tomatoes in so they don’t reach the top

Get a cup and put the garlic cloves in — same

You can prick the tomatoes with a knife to help loosen the skins

Cover both with boiling water, use any left over to make a cup of tea and wait 10–15 mins.

Take the garlic cloves out of the water and the skins will just peel off — I know it’s a brilliant way of peeling garlic isn’t it?

Now the fun bit — grate the garlic. Grating gets it really really mushy so you don’t get lumps and it cooks evenly

Take each tomato out and peel the skins off — it’s easier than it sounds, they pretty much just come straight off. Discard the skins and stalks and chop into small bits

Heat some olive oil in the large pan (where you had the tomatoes — they’re now piled up on the bread board I guess!)

Fry the garlic for a minute or two then add the tomatoes

Simmer for 15–20 mins while you cook some pasta in another pan

Drain pasta, add sauce, add parmesan if you fancy — you may want a bit of pepper (I never add salt to this dish)

Eat with joy!

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