Easy Lasagne

I know Lasagne is traditionally not easy as it has different parts to it but try this one and you won’t be sorry!


800g good lean minced beef

I onion and 4 cloves of garlic (optional- honestly)

150g or so bolognese or mascarpone and tomato sauce. Any brand is fine, doesn’t really matter which flavour

150g Salsa. Can be supermarket own or any brand. Salsa adds a bit of a kick and interesting flavour. I don’t tell my kids of course!

Half tube tomato purée

Mixed herbs or mixture of parsley, thyme and oregano

Beef stock – either a cube or liquid


If using – Fry onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil large saucepan

Add beef and fry until brown all over

Throw in the beef stock cube or liquid, salsa and sauce

Squeeze in tomato purée

Sprinkle a tablespoon herbs over the top


Large dollop butter – optional. We’re not making a roux today, this is an easier method for cheese sauce.

25g cornflour

400–500ml milk – full fat or semi skimmed

salt and white pepper

80g cheese, grated, mature cheddar is best


Do this while the Bolognese sauce is gently bubbling

Do NOT switch the heat on yet. Put cornflour in a small saucepan – stainless steel if possible

Add a small dribble of the milk and mix until it is a smooth paste/ liquid consistency

Due to the scienctific reaction it will feel odd to stir, that’s good!

Slowly add the rest of the milk until all added and all cornflour mixed in

Turn on the heat and bring to the boil slowly and mixing ALL the time. You have not made a roux first (where you mix flour and butter to a paste then add the milk) so it is crucial that you don’t stop stirring otherwise it will go lumpy.

If it does and you’re using a stainless steel pan you can whisk the lumps out.

Add the grated cheese but save a bit for sprinkling on the top and stir until all melted

Get a dish and add a thin layer of meat sauce then a layer of Lasagne sheets

Alternate these two ending with Lasagne sheets

Pour cheese sauce over the top, sprinkle last bit of cheese on that and cook at gas 180 for 40 mins or more

Serve on its own or with salad.

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