Who is EasyFoodN5?

Cooking can be time consuming right? Cooking can be tricky and it can be boring. Cooking can be such a chore that it’s often quicker and easier to eat a bowl of cereal/go out to dinner/get a take away.

I plan to de-mystify the cooking process to enable you to make quick, or in some cases slow, easy meals.

I have been cooking for one, two, five or more people for so many years now and I want to show you how I have managed to survive and still eat different stuff that I have cooked every day of the week!

A bit like a pilates class at the gym — I will sometimes give you options of easy and more complicated: i.e. make your own pastry or buy ready made/ use a jar or make your own etc. (You’re welcome to do pilates while you cook but I promise I won’t).

I plan to share recipes from other chefs, books, websites as well as showing you my own recipes. Follow me and you will find a host of handy tips and tricks to make your cooking even easier!

I will invite you into my kitchen to watch me cook (on screen for most of you although if you want to visit me in Highbury, N5, please please do — I love visitors — just message me!). I want you to have as much fun in the kitchen as I do, and I want you to enjoy yourself.

I also want to share any recipes you may have — family hand-me-downs, tips and tricks — anything really.

If you think my recipes are just too darn tricky then please let me know and I will adapt the recipes to suit you, after all, I am doing this for you!

As I am based in Highbury (did I say that already?), I will also be sharing foodie tips and info with local restaurants, café’s, shops etc. All the more reason for you to come over this part of town!

Finally, one little twist I want to add is my ‘Food In Film’ section. Please let me know about any great food scenes in films you have seen.

I hope you like my blog and my recipes — I look forward to connecting with you really soon!

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