Top Safari Destinations In Kenya With Excellent Adventures

Kenya is a diverse land with magnificent wildlife, amazing landscapes, stunning lakes, tropical coastlines, strong ethnic traditions and great value of hospitality. In fact, Kenya offers a striking range of habitats and unique species from the fertile forests, seemingly endless plains, fresh water lakes and the spectacle of wildebeest.

Whether you are going for the first time or many times, a Kenya safari is always full of new changes, new adventures and new experiences. Some of the highlights not to be missed on Kenya safari includes:

Aberdare National Park Aberdare National Park, a small reserve of 7000 feet comprises of dense forests and most of the mountain range lies within the park borders. While going on a Safari Tour to Aberdare National Park with Easy Go Safaris, you will get to see the great sightings of elephant, rhino, hyena, baboon, buffalo, several antelope species, ostrich, giraffe, cheetah and many more. The main excitement of game drive in Aberdare National Park starts on the sunset as the animals gather around the floodlit salt licks and watering holes.

Amboseli National Park Situated at the heart of Kenya, this national park offers excellent views of mount Kilimanjaro which is only 30 miles away in Tanzania. Amboseli National Park is famous for the large elephant population, baboon, herds of buffalo, giraffe, ostrich, lion, cheetah and impala.

Masai Mara National Park Being one of the most famous national parks in Kenya, the Masai Mara National Park is located at the northern end of the Serengeti plain. However, the Mara river stands as a natural boundary between Kenya and Tanzania.

Samburu National Reserve It’s a unique landscape with Somali ostrich, giraffe, zebra, gerenuk, hippos, elephants, leopard, lion and cheetah species. In addition to, there are several herds of antelopes available here to explore!

Tsavo National Park More than 60 species of mammal sightings, including elephant and buffalo, the Tsavo National Park offers great highlighting sites to visit. Again, you will walk down to see the underwater viewing sites in the hope of tracing hippo. Along the way, curious monkey can be able to greet you.

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