Introducing the ”Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Online Shoppers” event’s speakers

About Lise Elbæk-Jespersen:

Lise has graduated at Københavns Universitet, Master of Arts (M.A.), MA in English (Cand.Mag.), Specialty in Modern American Society and Literature. In 2008, she started working at Google Denmark as Account Manager and Strategist. In 2011, she began to work as Google Retail Industry Manager.

We took the opportunity to ask Lise about her presentation and Google’s plans for the fashion e-commerce in general.

Your topic at the “Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Online Shoppers” is called “Creating Digital Transformation in Fashion ”. Can you shortly present the key takeaways of this presentation?

The key takeaways for my presentation tomorrow will be these:

  • Recognise that all retail sales will be influenced by digital behavior
  • Focus on the User and all else will follow
  • Retail is a Fight or Flight game — either you go digital or you die

Shortly, what role Google Retail is planning to take in Fashion e-commerce in the future?

Google’s mission is to make the world’s information accessible and useful. This expands to fashion and e-commerce too. At Google, we seek to develop solutions and products that allow retailers and/or fashion brands to connect with their audience and their consumers in the best ways possible. We do this through media such as YouTube that fosters one of the most engaging platforms for content creators, users and brands to connect, interact and engage, but also through delivering highly relevant search results to queries on our Search engine.

In your opinion, what are the biggest upcoming “trends” in fashion e-commerce?

We’re only at the very beginning of digital technology and the transformation it will bring to the world. The fashion or retail industry is by no means exempt. I believe that technology will enable a level of Personalization & Customization within fashion that we haven’t seen before. Imagine e-commerce sites that are uniquely tailored to the individual visitor based on their interests, behavior and history. Or customized fashion at mass-production prices enabled by cheaper production due to increased technological capacity and capability.

We’ll also see an integration of technology into fashion — think technology woven into textiles, so that it become intelligent. Wearables such as smart watches and Google Glasses are already dated. With intelligent textiles your coat could be your smartphone or tablet…

I also believe that we’ll see technology enable truly seamless omni-channel experiences for consumers regardless of where they chose to research, shop or buy. This means immersive shopping experiences no matter the device or sales channel. It means customer-centric price, payment and delivery options. Especially the latter will be one of the most competitive battle grounds within retail. Already market leaders such as Amazon and Google are experimenting with near-instant delivery through drones. The retailers or fashion brands who manage to create these omnichannel experiences are the winners within the industry.

Curious to hear Lise’s speech Creating Digital Transformation in Fashion”?

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