Computer Tech support Fraud: The way out

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Though technology has grown at a very fast pace, but along with technology the scope of crimes have also grown. There are lot of people that are looking for exploiting technology to the fullest for their diabolical pursuit. They are anxiously waiting in lurk to pounce on their victims and fulfill their ambitious and devilish pursuits. So, you might have heard of cybercrime encompassing different aspects like photo morphing, document espionage, identity theft, so on and so forth. Instances are myriad and you cannot rule this out in any case. Now-a-days, malicious players are camouflaging as computer Tech Support Company and they are striving harder and harder to cheat people through false claims.

In a recent unravelling of facts pertaining to cyber war footing and crime, on an average, $120 million has been lost in the US because of computer frauds trying to influence people as computer tech support company and cheating them while providing the service by voluntarily stealing their vital details of banks, transactions, mails and other things that are stored in the computer.

These malicious agents are very clever and they appear like tech support providers and promise to lend cheap repair and optimization service, and once you get captivated by their calls and they are able to invoke the right amount of trust in you, things start to worsen from there. As these people are smart, they easily take you in their confidence and trust and you give them the privilege of accessing your computer through remote sensing. So, once they are doing that then they get complete access to your system and all your vital details are in their control.

So, the question that would resonate in the head is how this Fraud is working. Generally, you tend to get a bogus program on the computer and the program looks pretty promising, so people are downloading as the program promises to optimize and tune up the computer and make it free from all kinds of virus. So, so sooner the person surfing through these ads gets captivated and downloads the program, the program, post the download runs the scan and unearths some errors that are not there in the computer and they are charging somewhere around $49 to get the computer restored.

This way these malicious computer tech support companies are dealing in millions by fooling customers.

The software that is downloaded is pretty unique and it asks for a phone call to get itself activated. So, no sooner the recipient of the software makes the call, the malicious online tech support company come out to assist you in your pursuit of getting your computer tuned. Through remote switch they connect the computer and they show a different screen to the customer with the help of remote switch and that screen reflects different problems that the computer is facing. However, in reality that is not the case and once the user is satisfied and certain that his/her computer needs repair, at that point of time, they charge money for getting the system fixed. The payment may hover around $400-$500. So, it leads to considerable loss of wealth. So, when such online tech support company calls, beware folks!

But the questions is how to remain cautious and not fall in their honey trap. Follow these simple steps

Don’t get captivated if there is a program and it promises to optimize your PC, don’t like ever click on such links.

If there are some programs that you have downloaded and ran, and they say that you’re PC has been under the influence of virus attack. In that case, don’t trust their steps for resolve; rather, you must avail some tech support providers in personal and make arrangements that the problem is surfaced. So, keep this things in mind and things would take course.