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Marriage Registry Sydney is a very important aid in starting your future

Now that he mustered up the courage and popped the question and you’re officially engaged. Right after you purchase your tungsten wedding bands, it’s time to start planning your future together. One of the first steps in the wedding planning process is getting your registry together.

Nowadays, many couples have lived together prior to marriage and therefore have an idea of what styles they enjoy or even as to which additional items they could use to enhance their home. Others still wait till after marriage to begin living together. No matter your choice, the Marriage Registry Sydney is a very important aid in starting your future.

With the ease of technology to aid seemingly everyone from the very young to the elderly, Marriage Registry Sydney are an increasingly important tool that can help the excited couple choose their style. Guests can easily choose a wedding gift from the couple’s registry and get them a gift they can actually use. This way, everyone can contribute to the couple’s new life together, knowing that they are purchasing something the couple will love!

A Civil Marriage Ceremony can take place in any Marriage Registry office, or at any venue that has been approved to hold a civil marriage. Approved venues include stately homes and other prestigious buildings, hotels and restaurants. There are a few legal factors to consider when having a civil ceremony which you should always check before booking and making a trip to Marriage Registry Office.

You both need to go to your local Marriage Registry Office to give notice of your intention to marry. If you plan to marry in a different area, you should also contact the register office for the district in which the marriage is due to take place.

You will need to ensure that a Superintendent Registrar (to conduct the service) and a Registrar of Marriages (to record the details in the marriage register and issue your certificate) will be free to attend your chosen venue on the day. Finally you both must give notice of marriage in person to the Superintendent Registrar — no one else can do it on your behalf.

There is a guideline of what you need to know below but more information can be found at your local Marriage Registry Office or on the internet. You can get married in Sydney as long as you have both lived in a registration district for at least seven days immediately before giving notice of marriage. This applies to all couples, including those travelling from overseas to marry in Sydney.

Marriage Registry is a wonderful opportunity to call on friends and family to help celebrate the life you’ve begun building together by giving you wedding registry gifts that compliment who you are and all the things you love. Traditional gift registries can be useful for helping couples embark on the new path of marriage, but a wedding gift registry that’s truly suited to your lifestyle, and the life you dream of having together can really enhance your marriage and ensure that every day together is an adventure.

Sometimes the simple weekend rituals that you share can be the inspiration for creating a wedding registry that suits you perfectly. Do you love catching a flick at the movies? Is there a charming bed and breakfast that you enjoy driving to for a little rest and relaxation? Maybe there’s an Italian restaurant that you visit every Friday without fail. All of these things can inspire gift ideas for a Marriage Registry, honeymoon registry or shower registry that are a true reflection of the bride and groom.

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