Frequently Asked Questions: Easy Eddy Paddle-boards

Why a three-piece board?

We wanted a solution for paddlers and soon-to-be paddlers that:

· Want to store their board in their dorm room, apartment, or condo. Not everyone has a place to store a 10–12ft long 2 ½ foot wide board.

· Want a board that they can carry intheir car or SUV as opposed to on top of it. No need for expensive roof racks and no need to struggle lifting your board overhead.

· Want to assemble the board and be on the water quickly, not standing on shore inflating and deflating an iSUP

· Want to have the freedom to travel with their board

· Want to bring their board on their boat for excursions

What is the assembled size of the Easy Eddy?

33in x 5.5in x 122in (10’2”)

What is the unassembled size of the Easy Eddy?

Stacked size is 33in x 15.5in x 49in.

What is the volume of Easy Eddy?

215 liters

Is Easy Eddy easy to put together?

Yes! It should take less than two minutes to assemble the board the first time, once you have the pieces out of the box and organized. Subsequent assemblies should be a minute to a minute and a half.

What is Easy Eddy made out of?

The Easy Eddy is made from rotational molded High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This is the same process as Yeti® coolers and most of the kayaks on the market today. We’re using a specialized, super-tough and stiff variety originally intended for the abuse that white water kayaks endure.

Where is Easy Eddy made?

Easy Eddy is molded and assembled in the USA.

What will Easy Eddy cost?

We’re currently finalizing components which have a direct effect on cost. We expect to be able to deliver in the continental US for $1300-$1600.

What kind of paddling is Easy Eddy designed for?

Our goal was to create a perfect all-around board for beginner and intermediate paddlers. Flat water, calm bays, lazy rivers and light chop are ideal conditions, but the Easy Eddy will handle wake surfing duties behind a boat or even some light surfing.

The size and rocker shape are perfect for a wide range of users and, because of the process to mold our boards, we were able to incorporate chines on the bottom hull. Chines help to increase maneuverability and help to turn the board with weight transfer in addition to paddling stroke. This allows us to wake board and turn at over 20 knots.

The durable HDPE resin allows the board to bump into logs, rocks and other submerged obstacles without getting ruined. This construction also allows you to paddle right up to the beach.

Is Easy Eddy suitable for yoga?

Absolutely! The huge, fully coverage deck pad is for our yoga lovers, while the width of the board, shape of the rails and hull chines make the Easy Eddy a steady platform.

Can I mount my action camera?

The Easy Eddy has a ¼–20in sealed threaded mount at the nose suitable for use with a variety of action camera mounts. You can easily position the camera looking back at you for selphies, or forward to record your daily adventures. We’ve used it to record Hona (turtles) on Ka’anapali Beach.

What’s that round thing on the nose?

We’ve had the same issues as you… where do I store my phone, my keys, my wallet, a dry shirt when I am paddling? Well, we built a storage area right into the board and that round thing is the water-tight cover that keeps your personal items dry and safe. We also included a traditional bungee system for the items you want to have easy access to.

What size is the fin?

We are using an 11in fin. This size helps with stability and tracking. In addition, our fin is deployed with a bungee system. That means that it won’t break if you glide over a rock or log, and it won’t break when you pull your board up on to shore. When not in use the fin folds into a fin pocket to aid with storage and transportation.

How long has Easy Eddy been in development?

The first designs were done three years ago with the assistance of a world-class Olympic white-water kayaker and long-time paddler. We’ve made two prototype molds and are closing in on the production version currently.

When can I buy an Easy Eddy Paddle Board?

Truthfully, we wish you could right now. We have been field testing boards and have found some improvements we want to make to make the Easy Eddy even better. Our target is a February Kickstarter with product shipping Spring 2019.

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